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ProFirst Honda and Acura

821 Collision is a ProFirst Certified auto body repair facility for Honda and Acura vehicles. Our technicians are trained by the American Honda Motor Company to properly repair the high-strength steel body of Honda and Acura vehicles. Aftermarket and salvaged parts could cause issues with your warranty which is why we recommend the use of authentic parts.

The Honda ProFirst Certified Collision Center at 821 Collision offers you:

  • Highly-Skilled and Properly Trained Technicians- I-CAR and ASE Certified with ongoing training throughout the year.
  • Authentic Honda Parts – We will prioritize and recommend the use of 100% authentic parts engineered for your specific make, model, and vehicle year.
  • Insurance Assistance- We will work with your insurance company through the claims process to lessen your stress!
  • Repair Protocols from Honda-As a ProFirst Certified repair shop, we have access to the most current protocols for Honda vehicles.


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